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Who Are We? 

Since 1999 we’ve focused on 2 things: honesty and providing the best parts at unbeatable prices. The core of our business is focused around the diesel and off-road markets, but at the end of 2017 we started expanding into the performance car market. From Powerstroke's to Miata’s - Vipers and First Gen Ram’s; our goal is to provide the best parts and experience for our customers while giving them a lifestyle brand they can proudly stand behind.

We like to go fast - Fast is what we do. We have two pretty unique vehicles that tend to get a lot of attention. The first is our 1995 Dodge Viper R/T-10. Being that it’s a first generation of the Viper, it garners a lot rubber necking and respect - due to the fact you don’t see them often. It’s outfitted with Autoform hard top, Gen 2 cams paired with Gen 2 injectors, Borla headers, and a glorious exhaust that roars even at idle.
Another shop ride is our 1992 GMC Typhoon. The Typhoon is one of those “mid-size SUV’s” that GMC thought was a good idea while everyone else said “this is weird, but we are glad they did”. Hey, even Clint Eastwood rocked a Typhoon. Ours is outfitted with a turbo-back exhaust, bigger fuel pump, HKS electronic boost controller, and a few hardware upgrades to withstand the pressure.
While going fast is fun, going places others can’t is even more fun. For that, we have our Scout SSII, First Gen Super Cab Ram, and others! Don’t worry - we’ll talk about those later.
We are a brand dedicated to and for the full spectrum of automotive enthusiasts. Whether you like to do pulls or dirt drags at the county fair, or spend sleepless days and nights at a road course circuit - we hear you. We are you. So trust us with your aftermarket needs and visit our store: www.honestspeedshop.com. If there is something you just can’t seem to find, send us an email at support@honestspeedshop.com and we will get back with you and find the parts you need and help you go fast.
From your tow rig to your track car, on or off road, we help you: Enjoy What You Drive!
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