FOR SALE: 1992 GMC Typhoon - The Ultimate Factory Sleeper

FOR SALE: 1992 GMC Typhoon - The Ultimate Factory Sleeper

In 1992, GMC released to the Typhoon - to which many people asked, "WHY?!". GM's response? "BECAUSE WE CAN".

The Typhoon is based on the Jimmy platform, which is a rather unsuspecting base that came in a 2WD or 4WD option. When they built the Typhoon however, they equipped it with All-Wheel-Drive (AWD), they crammed in a turbo V6, the transfer case from a Chevy Astro and, a transmission from a Corvette. Essentially the Typhoon is a Frankenstein born through GMC that screams freedom. 


Our Typhoon is slightly more rowdy than a stock one. 

From the factory these were fitted with a Mitsubishi turbocharger and water-to-air intercooler. The pistons, individual port fuel injectors and throttle body are borrowed from the L98 Corvette V8. To pull the most power from the already epic power plant, This machine is equipped with an upgraded fuel pump, turbo back exhaust, Greddy Electronic Boost Controller, I-PKTROM2 Pocket ROMulator, and a cold air intake. To handle the power a little better, it has an upgraded rear sway bar and upgraded prop shaft - for your safety. 


But Why A Typhoon? 

Road and Track said it best: "Typhoon is the GM truck division's latest attempt to separate itself from those "Heartbeat" people who sell the same basic pickup and utility trucks as Chevrolet, not to mention the numerous offerings from Ford, Jeep and Dodge. From where we test it's fastest-accelerating utility truck in the land. It's also one of the fastest vehicles, period, in a straight line." Now, this portion of the article was written in 1992 - a time of emerging modern performance vehicles, an age of pushing the limits in automotive engineering; just to be 1/10th of a second faster than the next. 

In the article they continue to say: "As our instrumented track times indicate, this 4x4 can launch from a green light and blow away just about anything on the street, save the odd Ferrari F40 or ZR-1 Corvette." 

"Hold your foot on the brake and load the engine, but don't go all the way to the floor with the brakes on as the boost will be dumped. Wait for the chassis to shudder and twist. Left foot up, as the right one dives and the show begins. Now!" It really is, like riding a bull in the rodeo. It bucks and twists and then springs to life! 

Road and Track said it best in 1992 when they published this article - and it holds true to this day! 


The Comfort Factor: 

The GMC Typhoon may be all piss and vinegar on the street and track - but inside the cabin, GMC pulled it together. The surprisingly comfortable vinyl bucket seats, complete with adjustable lumbar support, digital HVAC display, analog radio, and a loveseat sized rear seat allowing for total comfort at full power - really show you GMC wasn't JUST thinking about power. 

You can comfortably fit 4 people while cruising around, but just cruising. Some compromises had to be made while designing the Typhoon, the low ground clearance intended for maximum handling won't let you go crawling with your friends in their Jimmy's. But you can launch in a turbocharged V6 and they can't. You won't be towing or hauling much, as the Typhoon has a rated 500lbs cargo capacity. BUT you will look good, sound good, and go fast! 



All in all - everyone questioned GMC when they announced the Typhoon, but 26 years later, we definitely get it. It epitomizes the quirkiness of the 90's while going to show what a little bit of guts and glory will do. The Typhoon/Syclone soon became the grandparents to the SS Trailblazer and Blazer eXtreme.

If there is one car to buy if you want to be unsuspecting, it's the GMC Typhoon. If Clint Eastwood owned one - you should too. 


A little bit about our Typhoon:

This Typhoon runs and drives great with minimal issues. This one is #1133, and its 1 of 518 in this color. It does have some period correct modifications and has had maintenance done. It only has 64,6xx miles on it, mileage will go up due to it getting driven.

Upgraded Fuel Pump
IC Line Rerouted
Upgraded Prop Shaft
Rear Sway Bar
Turbo-Back Exhaust 
Gauges (boost, trans temp, fuel pressure)
Greddy Electronic Boost Controller 
I-PKTROM2 Pocket ROMulator 
Fiberglass Hood 

Recent Trans Flush
New Struts 
New Front Springs 
New Ball Joints 
All New Steering Components 
New Suspension Bushings 
New Calipers Pads and Rotors 
Cooling system has been gone through and checked.
Everything has been inspected and made sure it works properly.
New Tires June/2017 
Alignment - June/2017

It would need very little to be 100% . All it would really need is a right turn signal bulb on the cluster fixed, and has a small chip in the rear fender cladding.


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