Proud to Be the only Authorized Metalcloak Dealer and Installer in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Proud to Be the only Authorized Metalcloak Dealer and Installer in the Columbus, Ohio area.

We are the only Metalcloak Authorized dealer and installer in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Metalcloak is the best you can buy. The quality and fit and finish of their products is unmatched.

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Here are just some of our product lines that were designed with you in mind... Duroflex Joint Meet the Duroflex Joint. The first Vibration Dampening, Self-Centering, High-Misalignment joint. Born from the desire to give your rig a more comfortable street ride while having all the off road capabilities. (Patent Pending #13/368,570)

6Pak Shocks The 6Pak Long Travel Shocks have started a revolution in the off road industry. The chance to put a Long Travel shock in stock mounts was the first benefit. Next came a more comfortable ride, less heat generation, and a simplicity that makes it easy to rebuild so it'll last a lifetime. (US Patent 8,714,321)

JK Wrangler Game-Changer suspension system MetalCloak's Suspension Systems aren't called Game Changers for fun, they have truly changed the way we look at suspensions. Combining Low Center of Gravity builds with unbeatable comfort for on and off road durability and fun TJ JK JL

Aluminum Jeep Fenders & Corners Ditomic Armor - The latest in MetalCloak's offering to the Jeep Community, is not just Aluminum Armor. It is the carefully designed combination that provides Aluminum weight savings where you want it, but Steel protection where you need it. Jeep Tube Fenders The Arched Tube Fenders continue to lead the industry in quality and functionality by providing the greatest amount of clearance possible without cutting or replacing your hood. Clearance diagrams show that no other tube fender on the market today provides as much clearance as the MetalCloak Arched Tube Fender. Jeep JK Wrangler Overline Fenders The Overline Tube Fenders took the industry by storm - providing a traditional flat fender look with the same extreme clearance of our Arched Tube Fenders. Providing the same removable flare option, the Overlines create a classic finished look, with ruggedly strong construction. Frame-Built Bumpers The Frame-Built Bumper System available for the CJ, YJ, TJ/LJ and JK Wrangler is a revolutionary system providing a uniquely modular build process that is Frame-Built - meaning built around the strongest point on your rig - your frame. You can have a bumper that is as unique as you are.

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